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Colorado, Colorado Springs - The Peterson Air & Space Museum

Sprawled along the base of the Rockies and gathered at the foot of Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs is a city rich in aviation history. On the plains stretching east of town is its large municipal airport, the north portion of which is “Peterson Field,”, a joint military-civilian airport since the early days of World War Two. Within Peterson Air Force Base (AFB) is an 8.3 acre tract of land that is a Colorado State Historic District, kind of a postage stamp of historic property in the middle of a large envelope of an air base that houses among other things the Air Force Space Command.
This is because the site was formerly the Colorado Springs Municipal Airport, founded in 1926 and crowned by the construction of a classic art deco design terminal in 1941. Restored to its former glory during the golden age of airline travel era, the old city terminal now hosts the Peterson Air and Space Museum (PASM) welcome center, small movie theater, gift shop and docent offices.
While its wartime history as a bomber and reconnaissance training base is important, Peterson AFB came into its own as the HQ of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) responsible throughout the Cold War for defending the US and Canada from attack by strategic – atomic bomb carrying – bombers and nuclear tipped missiles of the Soviet Union. The aircraft of the PASM collection reflects this 33-year history.
Ace writer Doug Dildy tells the story.



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