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Washington, Vancouver - Pearson Air Museum

It’s easy to feel that time has not moved much here at Pearson Field, a property that holds the distinction of being America’s oldest operating airfield, and the mood of an era long since passed still hangs on in a holding pattern.
In 1998 the Pearson Air Museum moved into its new home, a modern 10,000 square foot main hangar/exhibit hall. Inside are nine aircraft and exhibits highlighting Pearson Field’s first one hundred years. This new hangar is attached to Pearson’s Historic Hangar. Built in 1917, the historic hangar has housed aircraft since 1920. This hangar contains another two historic aircraft and the museum’s engine collection.
Today Pearson Field remains a bustling general aviation center servicing southwest Washington and Portland pilots, and the Pearson Air Museum strives to preserve the region’s rich aviation heritage. As part of the Vancouver National Historic Reserve, the Pearson Air Museum joins with its Reserve partners to preserve, document and celebrate more than 180 years of activity in Washington’s first community.



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