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New Mexico, Albuquerque - The National Atomic Museum

Towering above the cottonwoods and adobe walls of “Old Town” Albuquerque – the quiet and cozy historic district that includes the Confederate cannons on the old town square, the 1706 San Felipe de Neri Church and the “hanging tree” from the Old West – is the incongruous sight of a Redstone Medium Range Ballistic Missile pointing into the skies. Follow its brilliant white beacon and just north of ancient “Old Town” – across the street from the Albuquerque Museum – you will find the National Atomic Museum.
Having just moved from its former location on nearby Kirtland Air Force Base, the museum's new location affords the visitor easy access to an extensive collection of aritifacts, including several aircraft. Of course two Boeing products have long been synonymous with America's nuclear deterrent, namely the B-29 Superfortress and the B-52 Stratofortress. Although not always thought of as nuclear bombers are the Republic F-105D Thunderchief and the LTV A-7C Corsair II, two aircraft that certainly had a tactical rather than strategic special mission. More aircraft are scheduled to be added to the collection in the near future.

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