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North Carolina, Hendersonville - Western North Carolina Air Museum

The Western North Carolina Air Museum - "The First Air Museum in the 'First in Flight' State - was founded in April 1989 by three members of the Western North Carolina aviation community, namely Dennis Dunlap, Bill Schreier and Ken Stubbs. The Air Museum was established "to preserve the Aviation heritage of North Carolina in general and of Western North Carolina in particular." The Western North Carolina Air Museum was incorporated in the State of North Carolina in August 1989 and was granted a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status by the Internal Revenue Service.

After the Air Museum was founded, the top priority project was the construction of a hangar in which the Air Museum's aircraft could be displayed. On 11 May 1992, a temporary home for the Air Museum's aircraft was opened in hangar 61 at the Hendersonville Airport. Several of the Air Museum's aircraft were on display in the temporary location until the completion of the new Musuem hangar.

Construction of the new hangar, which is now the permanent home of the Western North Carolina Air Museum adjacent to the Hendersonville Airport, was completed on schedule in January 1993.

Aircraft currently on display in the Western North Carolina Air Museum include a fine vintage Curtiss Robin, a Piper J-2, a Piper J-5, an Aeronca C-3, a Corbin Junior Ace, a 1952 Ercoupe, a replica Nieuport 11, a replica SE-5, and an Aeronca Champ.

In addition to the historic aircraft, the Western North Carolina Air Museum has a vast collection of flight manuals, engines from historic aircraft as well as more modern reciprocating and jet engines, photographs of historic airplanes and pilots, and models of historic airplanes.

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