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Florida: Central Florida - Five Museums in Two Days

The Valiant Air Command's Doulgas C-47. The Valiant Air Command's Doulgas C-47.
The opportunity: a business trip to Florida’s Space Coast. The mission: to visit five aerospace museums in just two days. Using the web and my handy copy of Michael Blauger’s Guide To Over 900 Aircraft Museums, I selected my targets.
Author Hayman Tam takes in a wide variety of aviation history in only two days. It’s a whirlwind trip, but as the author finds out, there is a ton of aviation history within only a small geographic area in Central Florida. The museums include:
USAF Space and Missile Museum - Cocoa Beach
Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex – Cape Kennedy
Valiant Air Command Museum – Titusville
Fantasy of Flight Museum – Polk City
Kissimmee Air Museum - Kissimmee

Past Featured Museums: