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Royal Navy (United Kingdom)

A RN Nimrod from No. 120 Squadron on the ramp at NAS Jacksonville, FL, November 1995. Photo USN/DOD by PH3 Erin O'Neil

A RN Lynx HAS Mk 3 GM - XZ228 - lands aboard the USS Forrestal (CV-59), July 1988. Photo: USN/DOD by PH1 Caffaro

A Westland Sea King HAS Mk 2A assigned to No. 849 Squadron, aboard the USS George Washington, (CVN-73), February 1998. Photo: USN/DOD by PHAN Strevel

OK, perhaps not exactly an RN aircraft - this Hawker Sea Fury FB11 - WE790 - was drawn from RN stock and assigned to No. 808 Squadron, Royal Australian Navy, aboard the HMAS Sydney. It is seen here after being forced down at a Marine airbase in Korea, 1951. Photo: DOD by Technical Sergeant Ralph Austin

A Royal Navy Westland Sea King HAS Mk 2 takes off for a flight demonstration during Air Fete '84, at Mildenhall. Photo: DOD by Technical SergeantJose Lopez, Jr.

A Grumman G-36A Martlet (F4F-3 Wildcat) destined for the Royal Navy. Photo: NMNA

A flight of Royal Navy FRS.Mk 1 Sea Harriers approach the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) - 22 October 1984. Photo: U.S. Navy

Retired from active duty, this RN Westland Sea King HAS.6 - XV712 - now resides in the Imperial War Museum, at Duxford, UK. The colorful paint scheme harkens back to when this aircraft was assigned to No. 814 Naval Air Squadron - the Flying Tigers. Photo: A.A.S.

Another view of Westland Sea King - VX712. Photo: A.A.S.

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