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United States Aircraft Carriers - The Essex-Class - CV-9 through CV-20 (All Photos: NMNA)

CV-9 - USS Essex - the classic profile of the Essex-class aircraft carrier. 1943.

CV-9 - USS Essex, conducting flight operations off the coast of Okinawa, May 1945.

CV-9 - USS Essex, underway off the coast of Korea, 1951.

CV-10 - USS Yorktown during operations in the Mariana Islands, 1944.

CV-10 - USS Yorktown just getting underway from Hawaii, 1944.

CV-10 - USS Yorktown underway in the Pacific. Air Group 88 is on the flight deck, 1945.

CV-11 - USS Intrepid underway in the Pacific - January 1944.

CVA-11 - USS Intrepid underway - August 1954.

CVS-11 - USS Intrepid underway, circa 1965.

CV-12 - The USS Hornet - in the background - sails with the USS Independence (CVL-22), as seen from the flight deck of the USS Wasp (CV-18) - January 1945, in the Pacific.

CV-12 - A Curtiss SB2C-3 Helldiver assigned to VB-11 enters the pattern over the USS Hornet, circa later 1944, in the Pacific.

CV-12 - A Curtiss SB2C Helldiver assigned to VB-2 comes aboard the USS Hornet - circa 1944, in the Pacific.

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