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Jetstream (Including Handley Page HP.137 and BAe J31 series)

BAe J31, C/N 815, C-FBIE of Air BC. All photos this page via A.A.S.

BAe J31, C/N 829, G-BSIW of Manx Airlines, circa 1992.

Former Pan Am Express BAe J32, C/N 896, N3140 now with Trans World Express.

BAe J32, C/N 831, LV-VEJ with Argentine-based Lineas Aereas Entre Rios, circa 1992.

BAe J32, C/N 805, N493UE of Atlantic Coast Airlines - a United Express feeder.

Originally built as a Handley Page HP.137-200, this aircraft was converted to a Jetstream T Mk 2 for the Royal Navy - XX485.

BAe J32, C/N 870, N425AM of Air Midwest, circa 1990.

Handley Page HP.137 Mk 1, C/N 215, N200PA of Caribbean Express - 1986. Note Pratt & Whitney PT6A engines.

BAe J32, C/N 978, F-GMVL of Regional Airlines.

Bae J31, C/N 666, N305PX of Express Airlines - a Northwest Airlink feeder.

BAe J32, C/N 857, N857AE of Flagship Airlines - an American Eagle feeder.

BAe J31, C/N 611, N988AX of Atlanis Airlines - an Eastern Airlines feeder.

BAe J32, C/N 896, N3140 of Pan Am Express, seen in June 1991 at Key West, Florida. Note: See Trans World Express J32, above.

BAe J31 Super 31, C/N 956, G-SUPR - the Super 31 demonstrator with British Aerospace, circa 1991.

BAe J31, C/N 791, N412UE with Westair Commuter Airlines - a United Express feeder.

Seen in the late 1980s - BAe J31, C/N 612, HB-AEA of the Swiss airline Air Engiadina.

BAe J31, C/N 706, N334PX of Express Airlines - a Republic feeder.

BAe J31, C/N 707, VH-TQL of Australian Airlines.

BAe J32, C/N 818, N332QC of Air LA, circa 1988.

BAe J32, C/N , N3107 of Pan Am Express - a Pan American World Airways feeder. Seen at Key West, Florida.

BAe J31, C/N 645, PH-KJA of Base Business Airlines, which is based in The Netherlands.

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