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Boeing 707 (and 720)

Heading towards the ramp, a Boeing 707-323C - N751MA - operated by Millon Air. Miami International Airport, June 1991. Photo: A.A.S.

A Boeing 707-138B - G-AVZZ - operated by International Caribbean. Photo: InterAir

One of Trans World Airlines Boeing 707-131B airliners - N746TW. Photo: InterAir

About to land at Miami International Airport is this Boeing 707-373C - N760FW - operated by Florida West Airlines. February 1991. Photo: A.A.S.

Another Florida West Airlines bird - A Boeing 707-321C - N527C - at Miami International Airport, October 1991. Photo: A.A.S.

A rather rare aircraft - A Boeing 707-338C - LV-MZE - as operated by TAR Cargo. It is seen near the Crystal Palace at Miami Interantional Airport in October 1991. Photo: A.A.S.

A vintage image of a Pan American World Airways Boeing 707-321 - N408PA. Photo: InterAir

An Aeronica Boeing 707-051B - YN-BYI. Photo: InterAir

A classic landing shot on what used to be Runway 9R at Miami International Airport. This is a Tampa Colombia Boeing 707-321C - HK-3355-X, May 1991. Photo: A.A.S.

A scene from the past - An Aerosur Boeing 707-351C - N152LM - at Miami International Airport in August 1990. Photo: A.A.S.

A Lan Chile Cargo Boeing 707-331C freighter - CC-CER - taking off out of Miami International Airport, February 1991. Photo: A.A.S.

A Boeing 707-321C - 5N-TAS - of Thames Air Service. Photo: A.A.S.

A Boeing 707-321C - HR-AMZ - of VASP Cargo. Photo: A.A.S.

On the ramp at Miami International Airport - a Pan Aviation Boeing 707-321C - N721GS. Photo: InterAir

A Challenge Air Cargo Boeing 707-330C - N707HE. Photo: InterAir

Owned by Laker Airways, on lease to Caribbean Airway - Boeing 707-351B - G-BFBZ. Photo: InterAir

Challenge Air Cargo Boeing 707-323C Freighter - N8402. Photo: InterAir

This bird started out in Pan Am's fleet - as N871PA. It is seen here after freighter conversion, now part of Florida West's fleet - Boeing 707-321C - N710FW. Photo: A.A.S.

Pan American's Jet Clipper Kingfisher - Boeing 707-321B - N406PA. This airframe ended up being broken up for KC-135E parts. Photo: InterAir

Aeronica's Boeing 707-123B - YN-CDE - seen landing at Miami - May 1991. Photo: A.A.S.

United Airline's Boeing 707-022 - N7210U, it was delivered to the airline on 5 August 1960. Photo: InterAir

TAR's (Transportes Aereo Rioplantense) Boeing 707-338C freighter - LV-MZE. This airframe started out with Qantas back in 1967. Photo: InterAir

This Boeing 707-124 - N74612 - was delivered to Continental Air Lines on 17 March 1960. Photo: InterAir

Originally delivered to TWA in 1967, it is seen here as a freighter for SAM Colombia - N760FW - at Miami, May 1991. Photo: A.A.S.

Sorta cut the nose off this bird - this Boeing 707-351C freighter - 8P-CAC - joined Caribbean Air Cargo's fleet in February 1981. Photo: InterAir

Looking reasonably well cared for - Boeing 707-323C - PT-TCN - of AeroBrasil Cargo, circa 1991. Photo: A.A.S.

Originally with Pan Am, as Clipper Challenger, this Boeing 707-321C, is seen here with TAR - LV-MSG, who leased it for a short period of time in 1978. Photo: InterAir

On the cargo ramp at Miami, Florida West Airlines' Boeing 707-321C - N863BX - 1994. This used to be Pan Am Clipper Pacific Raider. Photo; InterAir

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