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Douglas DC-3 - Volume 2 (Civil and Military)

This U. S. Navy Skytrain carried the designation Douglas R4D-6R, which meant it was equipped with a passenger interior. This aircraft is BuNo 50763, and was assigned to NAS Anacostia, circa 1950. Photo: USN

Pan American Airways DC-3. Registration NC 33609. Photo: Pan American World Airways

An active duty Canadian Armed Forces Dakota, seen at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska - August 1978. Photo: A.A.S.

Douglas DC-3 - N14636 - on the ramp at Brownsville, Texas - April 1989. Photo: A.A.S.

Florida Airways International DC-3 - N21712. Photo: InterAir

This rather derilict Douglas DC-3 - N238GB - is seen at Norman Manley Airport, Kingston, Jamaica - January 2003. Rumor has it that this Doug' was a D Day veteran. Photo: A.A.S.

Douglas DC-3 - N89HA - on the ramp at Brownsville, Texas, October 1989. Photo: A.A.S.

Royal Aircraft Establishment Douglas Dakota - ZA947. Photo: A.A.S.

A Douglas DC-3 (C-53) - TI-LRE - operated by Cayman Air Lines - probably at Montego Bay, circa 1972. Photo: InterAir

A Douglas DC-3 operated by Bahamas Airways. Photo: InterAir

Out to pasture, a former Eastern Express Douglas DC-3 - N139PB - in storage at Tamiami, Florida, May 1991. Photo: A.A.S.

BEFORE - A Mexican registered Douglas DC-3 - XB-DYP - seen on the ramp at Laredo, Texas in October 1988. Photo: A.A.S.

AFTER - Aircraft crashed on takeoff out of Laredo - late 1989. Photo: A.A.S.

Yes, the crew survived. Photo: A.A.S.

One of NASA's Douglas C-47s - Number 017. Photo: NASA

Seen at the Dryden Research Center is a NACA (pre-NASA) Douglas C-47. Photo: NASA

Also at the Dryden Research Center is a NACA Douglas C-47. Photo: NASA

Preserved Belgian Air Force Douglas C-47B - OT-CWG - at the Brussels Air Museum - 2010. Photo: A.A.S.

A USAF Douglas AC-47D - 43-49499 - assigned to the 4th Special Operations Squadron, Nha Trang Air Base, South Vietnam. Photo: USAF

This Douglas AC-47D was assigned to the 4th Air Commando Squadron, September 1968. Photo: USAF

A Philippine Air Force C-47, seen in Korea. Photo: USAF

A USAF Douglas C-47, seen in Korea. Photo: USAF

U.S. Army Airborne School students climb aboard a waiting Douglas C-47 of the 75th Troop Carrier Squadron - A.C.-Lawson Field, Ft. Benning, Georgia. August 1946. Photo; USAF

Douglas C-47 Skytrains of the 12th Air Force Troop Carrier Wing, loaded with paratroopers for the invasion of southern France, 15 August 1944. Photo: USAF

Originally a C-47B-10-DK - S/N 4349259 - this Doug' was seen in 2003, at Opa Locka, FL. Photo: A.A.S.

Now in the collection at the Chanute Aerospace Museum, IL - C-47B-15-DK - S/N 43-49336. Photo: A.A.S.

A fine restoration - a C-53-DO - S/N 41-20124 - still flying with the Prairie Air Museum. Photo: A.A.S.

A formation of five No. 34 Squadron C-47 Dakotas - A65-52 is closest to camera, circa 1944. Photo RAAF via the Royal Australian Air Force Association

A A65 Douglas Dakota taxis to the runway in preparation for take off for it's display flight at the Australian International Airshow 2009 at Avalon. The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is a major contributor to the Australian International Air Show 2009 at Avalon, Australia's largest and most comprehensive air show and aerospace exhibition. Photo: RAAF Photo Training Flight - SAW by ABPH James Whittle

Air to Air Imagery taken over Adelaide and RAAF Base Edinburgh - a Catalina and Dakota fly as part of the 70th Anniversary celebrations of Nos.10 and 11 Squadrons. Royal Australian Air Force by LAC Leigh Cameron

South Vietnamese Air Force (VNAF) C-47 Skytrain of the 33rd Tactical Wing at Tan Son Nhut Air Base before a night flare drop mission in January 1967. Photo: USAF

A former Navy bird, this VC-47H is now assigned to the U.S. Army Aviation Test Activity - circa 1964.

A former Navy R4D-5 - now an Army C-47H - seen at NAS North Island on 15 June 1974.

U.S. Air Force personnel assigned to the 119th Fighter Wing "Happy Hooligans", North Dakota Air National Guard, pose for a photo with North Dakota Governor William Guy in 1968. Photo: USAF

A Canadian Forces C-47 Dakota aircraft taxis out on a cold morning. The Dakota is used for training missions as part of a program in which US military personnel assigned to Canada exchange areas of expertise with their Canadian counterparts - 1990. Photo: USAF/DOD by CMSGT Don Sutherland

A Douglas EC-47 - date unknown. Photo: U.S. Air Force

A Douglas AC-47D Spooky gunship - Serial Number 45-00927 - assigned to the 1st Air Commando Squadron. Photo: U.S. Air Force

A Douglas AC-47D Spooky gunship. Photo: U.S. Air Force

DC-3 (former C-47A) - N115SA - of Sabre Cargo Airlines - Tri-Cities Tennessee - 1995. Photo: A.A.S.

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