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Douglas DC-8 - Volume 1

Braniff International Airways leased this Douglas DC-8-51 - N820E - in the late 1970s. Photo: A.A.S.

This Pan American Douglas DC-8-32 - named Jet Clipper Pacific Trader, N 811PA - is seen at Baltimore Washington International Airport. Photo: The Don Linn Collection

The first flight of the Douglas DC-8 - 30 May 1958. Photo: The Boeing Company

An Emery Worldwide Douglas DC-8-73F freighter - N603AL - coming in to land at LAX - April 1999. Photo: A.A.S.

A vintage image of an ARCA Colombia Douglas DC-8-51F - HK-2587X. Photo: InterAir

Not the best quality image, but a rather rare one - An EFS Bahamas Douglas DC-8-61 - N8955U. Photo: InterAir

A United Airlines Douglas DC-8-21 - N6001U. Photo: InterAir

On the ramp at Piarco Airport, Port of Spain, Trinidad - An Arrow Air Douglas DC-8-61F freighter - N30UA. "Pat Thompson" appears on the nose. September 2002. Photo: A.A.S.

A Douglas DC-8-62 - N722CA - operated by Rich International, on the ramp at Miami International Airport, October 1991. Photo: A.A.S.

A Champion Air Douglas DC-8-62 - N802MG - on the ramp at Detroit's Willow Run Airport, May 1996. Photo: A.A.S.

On final to Miami International Airport - A Tampa Douglas DC-8-63F freighter - HK-3490X, August 1990. Photo: A.A.S.

Awaiting passengers at Miami International Airport, a Suriname Airways Douglas DC-8-63 - N4935C, April 1991. Photo: A.A.S.

An AeroPeru Douglas DC-8-62 - OB-1323 - as seen at Miami International Airport, September 1991. Photo: A.A.S.

NASA's Airborne Science Research Aircraft - a Douglas DC-8-72, N817NA. Photo: NASA

Originally operated by Alitalia as a Douglas DC-8-62, NASA's aircraft was converted to a Douglas DC-8-72 and is now operated by the University of North Dakota, as N436NA. Photo: NASA

Seen at Le Bourget - Paris - is this unique Douglas DC-8-53 Sarique - F-RAFE, retired from the Armee de l'Aire. This airframe began as a DC-8-33 - first flight 10 FEB 1961 - with Transports Aeriens Intercontinentaux - F-BUIZ. Photo: A.A.S.

Douglas DC-8-53 - F-RAFE - Sarique stand for: Systeme Aeroporte de Recueil d’Informations de Guerre Electronique or Airborne Electronic Warfare Information Gathering System. Photo: A.A.S.

Air Transport International's Douglas DC-8-73AF - N606AL - arrives in the early morning at Houston Intercontinental Airport - 23 June 2010. Photo: A.A.S.

Another view of Douglas DC-8-73AF - N606AL - at Houston - 23 June 2010. Photo: A.A.S.

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